Power and Free Conveyer System

Multi-function conveyors that play many roles in the production process.

Characteristics of the System

  • Outstanding efficiency and longevity
  • Diverse applications options.
  • Excellent cost to performance ratio.
  • Simple and high-quality components.
  • Easy maintenance
  • Shortened design time due to modular construction.
  • Accumulation and non-linear production capabilities.
  • Smooth transition from line to line with a dog-to-dog transfer.

Power and Free Overhead Conveyer System

A robust system that has spectacularly improved efficiency in materials handling

NKC’s unique dog-to-dog transfer mechanism has dramatically improved the transfer time between chains at switches and line changes without the need for auxiliary transfer equipment. Designed with simplicity in mind, this system is easily operated, maintained and repaired.

Power and Free Inverted Conveyor System

NKC’s Inverted power and free system is as versatile and simple as its overhead predecessor. This multi-funtion system finds its home in all areas of automotive production from sheet metal transport, to weld lines to body paint systems and assembly operations. Because the conveyor profile is located below the product, workers have unrestricted access to the job. The Inverted power and free system is so versatile that entire production facilities have been constructed with no other means for conveyor transport.

DAC(Dolly Accumulation Conveyor) System

Functional design meets user requirements.

Along with all of the advantages offered by traditional power and free conveyors, the DAC uses self supporting dollies to maximize stability and accuracy through welding, painting and assembly operations.