NKC of America has a dedicated team of mechanical and electrical installation personnel who are specialized in the installation of all of the NKC of America  conveyor systems and peripheral products. Since it’s formation the NKC Conveyor Installation Co. has built a network of professional and skilled personnel that have contributed successfully  in the completion of the many turnkey projects that our customers across the Automotive and other manufacturing industry sectors have trusted us with. Since the 1980’s, NKC Conveyor Installation Co. has completed many projects throughout North America, South America, and Canada. Our specialized team members fully understand the demanding restraints of schedule completion and the need to deliver a project on time. Over the years our group has evolved with the ever changing demands of the industry sectors in which we work in. Our company holds construction licences in many of the major Automotive centers of North America and Canada such as Alabama, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Mississippi  and Tennessee in the USA and Ontario in Canada. We also have a network of strategic partners that allows us to complete contracts throughout the continent.



With the constant need by our customers to streamline the efficiency of their manufacturing processes to be able meet their customers demands,  NKC Conveyor Installation Co. plays a key role in the planning and implementation of complex modification and retro-fits  to existing conveyor systems or processes, to enable our customers to meet their goals.

Our installation team will work closely with our customers and the other key departments at NKC of America to develop and manage detailed installation, commissioning and trial plans to achieve the project scope within the time constraints dictated by seasonal shutdown’s or other set period outages.

All of our construction work, no matter how small or large the duration, is carried out with safety and is focused  to our customers requirements at all times. Zero Accidents and Zero Downtime are always our priority.



During the time NKC Conveyor Installation Co.has spent serving it’s customers with the construction of new conveyor systems and the modification of existing systems, it has allowed our site personnel to gain invaluable experience  in the many different maintenance processes and methods required for our customers to obtain optimum efficiency from their equipment.

NKC Conveyor Installation Co. will gladly welcome any inquiry for a quotation to prepare a planned maintenance schedule and dedicate an on site team of experienced personnel that will take care of our customers maintenance requirements, or alternatively dedicate a team to support their own maintenance teams working to their own planned maintenance schedule.



Reduced capital equipment budgets, increasing need to maximize conveyor up-time and extended system life cycle demands are commonplace in today’s Automotive and other manufacturing industry sectors. NKC of America is committed to helping our customers meet these challenges by employing proactive observation and preventative maintenance measures.

N – S.I.T.E. SERVICE is a multi-faceted approach to help our customers better maintain their systems, prevent downtime and increase service life.